Dulce Dianna U. Giron is the founder and proprietor of ThaiCorn Food Kiosk, strategically based at the Southern part of Metro Manila. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BS HRM) at the Philippine Air Transport and Training Services (PATTS) College of Aeronautics.

She joined the McDonald’s Corporation as a Management Trainee after graduation.

Ms. Giron attended seminars and training which helped her gain further knowledge in the food service industry. This includes a Basic Shifts Management Course as well as Food Safety Class at McDonald’s Corporation.

When left McDonald’s Corporation, she ventured into a online ready-to-wear (RTW) apparel business. This compelled her to travel abroad, particularly to Thailand, where she sourced the items for her store.

She came across new and unique ways to market and sell corn during one of her trips to Thailand which set the motion for her next entrepreneurial endeavor: ThaiCorn Food Kiosk.

The success of ThaiCorn Food Kiosk can be traced back to Ms. Giron’s passion and dedication to the business coupled with her experience of being a worker and a manager before in the food service industry. It is the result of Ms. Giron’s desire and enthusiasm to drive her business to great ends fused with her experience in the food service industry and her formal education in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Her optimism and innovation in the workplace continue to place ThaiCorn Food Kiosk ahead of the curve in the industry.

As an Entrepreneur my vision and mission is to be successful business women in this line of industry and also to help my countrymen to find suitable job that can help them thru employment and give my present and future customers satisfaction by giving them the quality food products Thaicorn have.

Currently, ThaiCorn Food Kiosk is spading due to public acceptance and is open for franchising. It can be contacted at email address: Thaicorn87@yahoo.com for further quarry/information.