Twelve lessons I’ve learned as an entrepreneur these past 20 years

  1. A business is a blessing from God to be nurtured, grow and use to serve others.
  2. A business will prosper if its owners and team members can overcome every challenge, big or small, that bombard their organization without let-up. That’s why learning, innovating and leveling up in your company should be a continuous process. The Japanese call this “KAIZEN”.
  3. The purpose of a business is to create more satisfied customers – both internal and external. Unless you’re doing this in a grand way, your company will die a natural death.
  4. No one can do it alone – business is a team sport.
  5. The mindset of the leader is the most important key to any business enterprise. The rise and fall of your company is dependent on the quality, character and drive of its leadership.
  6. Competition becomes irrelevant when you operate in “blue oceans” and not in bloody “red oceans” where the marketplace is overcrowded and everyone is fighting over the same customers. Study the book, “Blue Ocean Strategy” by Renee Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim to know how.
  7. The way to play the game of business is to play to win; not play, not to lose. Playing to win is offensive (positive) while playing not to lose is defensive (negative). In the game of life or business the best offense will beat the best defense everytime.
  8. The Number 1 job of a leader is to develop other leaders. This is the one thing he cannot delegate. His company’s future is dependent on it. Business opportunities, money and customers will always be in abundance, but without the right people on board your company’s growth is stymied.
  9. People in your company are not your best asset – only the right people are. Equally important is putting them in the right seats. Good people placed in wrong positions is no better than having the wrong ones on board.
  10. To fly high in life, one has to develop these three skills at the highest level: 1) the ability to solve problems 2) the knack in seeing and capitalizing on business opportunities as they present themselves 3) the discipline to practice “KAIZEN” on a daily basis.

11. The Universe likes speed. Don’t dillydally in making decisions. Close every “Open Loop” in your life with a                     sense of urgency. An “Open Loop” is anything pending or hanging awaiting action or a decision from you that               you’ve procrastinated acting upon. This bad habit creates stress, tension and anxiety for you and your team.                The ability to close these “Open Loops” effectively will up your chances of personal and business success a                    hundredfold.

12. Always Pray . Lola Taling, my late grandmother, gifted me with this prayer 50 years ago. I’ve been using it                    since with amazing results: “God is with me. God is helping me. God is guiding me.”