The way we see it, retail is not actually about the shops, stalls, malls or
complexes. It’s about creating experiences and making real heartfelt connections
in space that deliver tangible, measurable results.

Facing a marketplace overflowing with stores, there are so many similarities in
product features today, retailers need to think about how to differentiate and make
that emotional connection with consumers. Most retailers have spent the past
several years tirelessly searching for new ways to grow their businesses and, at the
same time, their brands. It is near impossible to imagine a retailer surviving and
flourishing in the years to come without creating a competitive retail brand

As the economy shi”s and consumers’ needs change, retailers must stand out and
offer a truly unique brand experience. They must ensure the customer experience is
seamless across all touch points—singular in concept and idea.
Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer
consistently gets out of it.

1) Focus on differentiators that create experience consumers value
2) Focus on the intangibles that are hard to copy.

The hard-to-copy stuff, like talent and training, are also the ones requiring a lot of
work, time and investment. However, while its quick and easy to reset store shelves
and change prices, today’s consumers are no longer responding to promotion and

The smartest thing a retailer can do is look at its brand’s a#ributes:
– Is your idea unique and easy to understand?
– Is the image appealing to the target customer?
– Is online and offline integrated?

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