The First CoWorking Café in the Philippines

Workplace Café positions itself as a coworking café – a good place to study and work in a coffee
shop experience. Since it opened in November of 2016 in Cebu City, students and professionals
have been coming over for its industrial feel, and thoughtful amenities for efficiency and

“I noticed more than half of the people were either working or studying,” cofounder Kristoff
Villanueva describes the usual scene he’d witness at a coffee shop. “However, they were not
provided with comfy seats and tables to work on.” Having previously worked at a coffee shop,
he’d thought of a café that provides productivity tools—high-speed internet connection,
comfortable seats and tables, ample power outlets, and beverages that give a caffeine kick.

Its great ambiance resembles that of a coffee shop, with relaxing hues and ample lighting.
Industrial trimmings are evident, with the wall murals depicting different professions alongside
symbols and abstract drawings. Also, unique and inspiring coffee-painted art from the League
of Cebu Artists were on display.

Whether you’re a student or a professional, the café’s open atmosphere is geared towards
building a community inside. “Here at Workplace Café, there is no exclusivity,” says Kristoff.
“Thus, our mantra—for the rest of us.”

The café’s rates allow customers to choose to pay by the hour, day, or month, and yes, it comes
with free-flowing coffee or iced tea. And it’s not just about providing a workspace for those
who need one—Workplace Café supports local farmers in the Visayas and Mindanao by
sourcing products locally, like the famous tablea of Argao and the renowned Hinelaban coffee
from Bukidnon. Kristoff shares that for every bag someone buys, a tree is planted by a farmer in
Bukidnon—truly a way of sustaining the environment.

Workplace Café accommodates approximately 60 people, and also comes with a conference
room for about eight to twelve people, and a power nap station. They also offer a great
selection of all-day meals and desserts plus all of the handcrafted coffee beverages.

With the influx of co-working industry, Kristoff shares how these can be an effective venue to
work. “Recent studies and research have shown that a large number of online workers and
students develop higher performance when co-working around people with similar goals,” he
explains. Kristoff also mentions how coffee shops have the tendency to be noisy, as these are
places primarily for social interactions. “Co-working spaces offer the best in all the scenarios.”

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