SERVICE CREW TURNED CEO: The Man Behind the Success of Foss Coffee Kiosk

Foss Coffee is known to be tagged as the “King of Frappe” as it was the first ever frappe specialist who offered frappe in a food cart/kiosk concept. From its humble beginning of having only a self owned cart, now Foss Coffee is continuously growing with over 250 branches nationwide.

A young man who once dreamed big to provide a better life for his family was the one responsible for the success of Foss Coffee, who now turned into a corporation named as Foss Coffee Kiosk (FCK) Franchising Corporation, this man is no other than Mr. Edmar O. Batac , the founder and President of FCK Franchising Corp. Mr. Edmar Batac is a certified barista and took a short course in TESDA wayback 2007 under the Chairmanship of Mr. Agusto Syjuco. This young entrepreneur didn’t make his way on top that easy, rather, he encountered several turnarounds along the way.

His experience of being a service crew to various companies like Mr. Softy way back in 2007, have led his way to the success of Foss Coffee. Applying all his knowledge and skills, added up to overflowing effort and perseverance, now Foss Coffee is widely know nationwide and proved its brand in the industry of franchising. From “no one to someone,” now Mr. Edmar Batac and Foss Coffee have been sharing its success to its franchisees and continuously inspiring people to see the great opportunity in franchising.

From attending small time events to now participating in different major expositions in the industry of Food and Beverages in the country, Foss Coffee is now indeed unstoppable. With the advocacy of the company and its owner to continuously inspire other people in finding a great success in franchising, FCK Franchising Corporation had launch 19 new food cart concepts to widen the choices of people who are interested in entering the world of franchising. Offering a classy yet affordable food cart, truly FCK Franchising Corporation is your business partner towards success.