Securing your investment with a Franchise

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. At least, this is the aspiration of many an employee who wishes to be the boss to no longer be subordinate especially to people they do not or no longer respect after years of employment. But should this be the moving force alone? The path towards successes is always paved with consequences and possible wrong assumptions only to frustrate. So what exactly does a franchise guarantee?


In business there is no guarantee just like a banks security, the only certainty is change. Having to live with this vulnerability justifies the determination and work that it requires to attain success. And should business provide guarantees, all our academicians in business management would all be successful businessmen and would have probably stopped teaching. Just like a musician, talent alone will not suffice; it requires practice and the determination.


Franchises offer in-depth knowledge in the business model one wishes to pursue. At the very least the business model is established and professionals if not experts have overcome the multiple and detailed issues one will encounter reducing the chances for failure. Operation manuals provided by franchisors offer solutions if not strategies to address crisis prone issues, be it for time motion studies, accounting principles and templates.


Should I be safe with a franchise then? The answer to this question will always be with the franchisee who will attend to his preferred trade or industry to make a go for his venture. There is no such thing as a business to run and operate automatically without the attention of its proprietor. The key word is “proprietor”, described as a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. Interestingly enough there are many mislead Entrepreneurs wanna-bee who apply to being the boss. The boss is not a position to apply for sadly. One becomes the boss when they are successful in whatever endeavor they venture into.


Going back to our hypothesis to secure your investment with a franchise; is best addressed by the proprietors themselves. Only the proprietor can guarantee the success of any business venture. Just like banks and security guards, they only promote the concept of security without necessarily providing it!


There are many good advisers and experts be it for marketing or close in consultants but in the end it is always how one comprehends, accept and put into action recommendations and solutions to problems that will come your way. Be it for talent that businessmen are required to practice and experience will always be dependent on the consulted.


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