Secrets of better tag lines

Tag lines are there to reinforce the brand name. They’re there to communicate what you’re
all about in just a few words. While crafting tag lines (several words) are easier to craft than
names (1 word), don’t get too carried away in the process. Poorly made tag lines confuse people
and make you look silly. While strong ones create reasons to be bought.

A good tag line has the power to affect a person at a longer duration. It helps make the
name and product make sense overtime. And when the circumstances call for it, like a change in
the business, or a change in consumers, tag lines can be modified to signify that you are still
relevant. In the Philippines, McDonalds has moved on from a functional tag line “Kita-kits sa
Mcdo” to a more personal “Love ko ‘to” as part of a worldwide branding campaign to highlight
the personal relationship that we have with burgers and potatoes.

On the other hand, SMDC’s tag line ”The Good Guys!” falls short because it doesn’t really
mean anything except indirectly calling everyone else as the ‘bad guy’ which isn’t a thing that
good guys do. Likewise, BPI’s meaningless tag line “Let’s Make It Easy” was a desperate response to BDO’s equally pointless “We Find Ways” slogan.

Better tag lines of recent memory are: Solmux “Ang gamot ng my ibubuga”, Red Horse’s
“Ito ang tama”, and Goldilcks’ “Pasalubong ng bayan”.

So how can you make a better tag line for your brand?

1. The shorter the better. 13 syllables or less.
2. Make it literal. “A diamond is forever” – De Beers.
3. Exaggerate. “The ultimate driving machine” – BMW
4. Use heritage. “Instruments of the Immortals” – Steinway
5. Make them taste it. “Deliciously Different” – Wendy’s
6. Make them miss it. “Finger Lickin’ Good” – KFC
7. Make them emotional. “The happiest place on earth” – Disney
8. Make it funny. “Once you pop, you can’t stop” – Pringles

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