Secrets of better naming

The name of your brand is your strongest point of contact. Names are so important because it helps people understand what you are all about.

How you name something speaks: (1) how you intend to market it, (2) what kinds of customers you want, and (3) how special you’d like to be seen the eyes of many.

Poorly made names lack the stickiness that pulls people in. And names that don’t stick often fend up forgotten or worse—misunderstood.

A good name has the power to affect a person not only at the point of purchase, but at a longer horizon, where a relationship can be nurtured over time. A bad name on the other hand becomes a liability—it pushes people away.

It is said that the value of Coca-Cola’s name alone is worth more than all its trucks, buildings, bottles, and assets combined. Amazing what 8 letters and a ton of marketing can do.


So how can you make a better name for your brand?


  1. Imagine it as a nickname or name of a person.
  2. Syllables count. The Generics Pharmacy is now TGP. Down from 7 to 3.
  3. Does the name have history or context to swim in?
  4. Be original. Häagen-Dazs, Spotify, and Twitter we’re all invented.
  5. While Pokari Sweat is sweet, the name invites a salty response.
  6. Ralph Lifshitz didn’t sound fashionable so he changed it to Ralph Lauren.
  7. Buy a thesaurus. Cheaper and faster than an agency.
  8. Apply Use the name in everyday language and test it with people.


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Gen Millare is the CEO of Godmother Philippines, a brand support agency that helps SME’s brand independently.