Secrets of better Branding

Brands are people too. It’s the No. 1 secret to better branding. Brands have race, gender, voice, identity, image, charisma, reputation, and truth—just like you.
We only use the products we trust and we ignore everything else. In the same way, we’re choosy about who we add on Facebook and who we avoid online.
Brands represent traits of people we like. We become close to ideas we want such as confidence, youth, and fun. And we stay away from the ideas we don’t identify with.
This is why celebrity endorsements are tricky. When Manny Pacquiao said same-sex relationships “were worse than animals” Nike condemned the remarks and dropped him as an endorser saying, “we no longer have a relationship with Manny…”.

To build a better brand, use better tools. Here’s some of our favorites:

1. Nickname. A good name is short, easy to say, and memorable.
2. Simplify. Avoid too much color and detail. The best logos look clean.
3. Color. Be known for 1 color. Coke Red is taken.
4. Sense. Let your brand have its own feelings and sensations.
5. Concern. Give your brand special attention.
6. Cooperate. Find brands that align with your mission and work with them.
7. Borrow. Study how others create content and develop your own flavor.
8. Sanitize. Make sure to clean all the messages you send out.
9. Oppose. Be choosy in who you hang out with.
10. Nurture. Treat your brand as if it were a growing child.

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Gen Millare is the CEO of Godmother Philippines, a brand support agency that helps SME’s brand independently.