Proper Franchise Development Procedures

While many Companies want to engage into Franchising, only a few have the in-house knowledge of doing the development and prefer to hire a professional Franchise Consultant like us to do it for them. The first question we have to Companies owners is “how far you want to expand your Franchise” and “How fast you want to grow and at what speed you want to grow”. Most Companies with limited budget for marketing will choose a conservative way while high budget companies will be more aggressive in marketing their Franchise Opportunity.


After assessing the franchiseability of a Company we provide the Franchise Structure, wherein we calculate the Franchise Fee, Continuation or Royalty Fees, Length of Agreement, Infrastructure and Logistic requirements for the Franchise.


The legal agreements are drafted, and beside of a Memorandum of Agreement and the actual Franchise Agreement a number of other agreements are needed for a Franchisor to use in his endeavor. The Marketing materials include the Franchise Brochure and Franchise Marketing Kit with application which is designed by our in-house graphic team, so is the website done by our internal web designer.


A Development officer is assigned to the Company to produce an excellent Operations Manual, which is also broken down into Pre-Opening Manual, Administration Manual, Specific Service or product manual, Standard Operating Manual, Training Manual and Forms and Reports. Beside we provide a Franchisor Manual for marketing purpose and selection of Franchisees among other information.


What our client like most is our lifelong free after service and clients can come to us anytime when they have a problem or want to expand to International markets, as 32 of our 610 Clients have International Franchises in other Countries.


We do not charge extra for transportation or lodging of provincial developments and can therefore give the same service to our clients in other parts of the Country as in Metro Manila beside of giving all clients installment payment terms.


Don’t hesitate to go the Franchise way if you want to expand your business, take advantage of Other People’s Money, labor force and location and dedicated local management. It works for your advantage. Contact us for free assessment and proposal at (02) 912.2946 or 912.2973 or email to


(Rudolf Kotik is the founder of RK Franchise Consultancy, your Expert in the Franchise Industry, and can be reached through  or through (02) 912.2946 and 912.2973)