Middle East Opportunities

While the demand in Philippines Franchising enjoys a strong increase every year, not all Countries share the same growth rates as us. Fortunately in certain areas Franchising enjoys a new renaissance or is at the beginning stage or is full blowing.


One territory where Franchising is flourishing are the  Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC),which  is a regional political organization comprising the energy rich Gulf monarchies – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.


When you visit the GCC Countries, you see brands from Europe, the USA and Europe and there are many large shopping malls that have exclusive branded foreign retail outlets as tenants.


Many business people from that region like the idea of purchasing a Franchise but do not know the ropes and have a difficult time due to cultural and language barriers and operational difficulties, as Halal certification is required for most food brands entering the region.


For that purpose, a Saudi business man with a keen interest in Franchising and experience in dealing with GCC business owners and investors, Mr. Ahmed Alarfaj, created a Franchise Consulting Firm called Franaccess to assist the Investors find the right master franchise for them and to help them through the legal jungle of acquiring master licenses.


In 2017 Rudolf Kotik of RK Franchise Consultancy joined Franaccess for the Philippines to find opportunities for the GCC clients from SEA Countries. Franchise Companies are invited to join Franaccess if they want to have Franchisees in the Middle East and can contact Rudolf Kotik for the details in representation and also for assistance on developing the Master Franchise program for them.


Franaccess is regular exhibitor at Franchise events in Dubai, Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has its own publication called FranchisingSA in Arabic Language which introduces the International Franchise Opportunities.


Among the Philippine Brands who are doing excellent in the Middle East are Gerry’s Grill and Bacolod Chkn BBQ House whose International Franchise was developed by RK Franchise Consultancy in the Philippines for worldwide master franchising.


Franaccess also offers Franchise Development to Companies in the GCC Countries and the development work is done by experienced partners of RK Franchise Consultancy under the leadership of Rudolf Kotik.


If you are interested to bring your brand to the Middle East Countries, call Franaccess Philippines Office at 0916.511.5052, 0949.772.5489 or email to franaccess@yahoo.com.