I.P.O Regulation

This is defined as a rule or directive made and maintained by an authority. It is said that ignorance of the law is not excusable and yet many plead ignorance. You will suffer the consequence of the law should you not educate yourself of regulations. Should you drive a motor vehicle without a valid and current drivers license you are breaking the law whether you are caught or not, simple. A tax declaration for real property merely updates your taxes on said property but does not stand for ownership when contested other than a certified title of ownership. Just because your hair has grayed over the years does not mean you qualify for senior citizens discounts unless you present your senior citizens card. Much like a valid passport, you are not acknowledged a citizen of any country unless you present a valid and current passport. And yet many are ignorant of basic laws pleading no awareness, or is it stupidity?

The IPOPHL (Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines) requires trademark registration which incidentally are territorial and first to register first to authorize, and yet many are guilty of non-registration. They go about their businesses as if their DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) for proprietors and the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) for partnerships and corporations are sufficient for their registration of their trade names to engage in commerce. This is like presenting an invalid or bogus identity when not registered with the IPOPHL. Sadly both government agencies, the DTI and the SEC do not promote or require registration with the IPOPHL when registering their business names for licenses. This confusion however does not excuse the businesses and entrepreneurs from non-registration. Many lawyers are likewise guilty of the ignorance only to falsely protect their clients and to charge legal fees for something they should be aware of. Again, sadly it takes years for the IPOPHL to resolve infringement cases when the obvious is stated. But how does one defend infringement when the very government agency/ department stand as the authority to issue registrations, act as the judge or the court and loose a case when the very agency has authorized trademark in the first place. It behooves me how the concept of the right to defend oneself as guaranteed by our constitution can be applied when the obvious is so stated.

There are a number of trademarks many a dubious award-giver has managed to dupe their clients over the years. And yet, they continue to wear the badge as if it aggrandizes the brand/s when in reality they are to be identified as bogus, or worse… fake. Is it the brand manager’s fault of the proprietors who are guilty of ignorance and yet engage in commerce wearing brand awards such like, Consumers’Choice, Gold Brand and Seal of Product Quality. As for those who have been duped, it is best to check on awards received before you promote the fake awards.