With the year ending we can say that 2017 was good for Franchising in the Philippines, part of a global trend that Franchising is growing and even in markets we do not expect it. RK Franchise Consultancy will reach 700 Franchise Developments on the local market and probably the 1,000 client mark will come sooner than expected. Internationally we will expand our horizon even further and start development in North Africa by February.

In the last years Franchising in the Middle East was growing very strong and many brands from Europe or North America have been franchised by Companies from the GCC region and you can see almost all global brands with the exemption of Convenience shops and interestingly gasoline station brands. Many years the Arab investors only looked outside of the region to buy Franchises. Now the new trend is to look inwards as a lot of Brands developed within the region. Franaccess, a Riyadh based Company with whom this writer is working on Franchise Development projects – with the staff of RK to do the manualization – is offering the same scheme as in the Philippines for Franchise Development and it is successful there as well. Now more domestic brands in Saudi Arabia offer franchises for their own country and the rest of the GCC.

A similar situation is in Northern Africa, that’s why Franaccess also opened an office in Tunisia to do franchise development for that part of the globe and again, the Development team will come from the Philippines.

On the local market, we opened a representation office in Cagayan de Oro City to serve the Mindanao market and we will be opening another office in Cebu soon for the Visayas region. Expos are planned for the 19th time in Cebu from March 2 to 4, and 2018 the Mindanao Franchise Expo will be hosted in Cagayan de Oro and in Western Visayas in Bacolod this time.

If you haven’t joined the Franchise Industry as Franchisor or Franchisee, it is definitely the time to do now. We wish all our readers a good holiday season and a prosperous year 2018.