Every organization portrays an image no matter how much or how little effort is put into it.  A Franchisor’s company’s image is made up of an infinite number of things, including: the people you employ, the building you occupy and the way the telephone is answered.

Image is essentially the collective impression created in the minds of people who come into contact with your company. Image sells franchises! As you expand your corporate role to that of a franchisor, image becomes even more important.

For most people, owning a franchise will represent the biggest investment of their life. Because of this, prospective franchisees are understandably very concerned about the type of company they choose to associate with.

Your ability to create a positive image will directly impact the level of credibility you are able to achieve throughout the franchise sales process. Credibility is one of the most critical elements of a successful franchise.

In most cases, your first opportunity to present an image will be through advertising. As prospects read your ad they will form an initial impression about your company and the franchise opportunity.  However today best way to advertise is beside of FranchisingPH Magazine SOCIAL MEDIA and in Facebook you can target boost according to location, Gender and age.

The majority of franchise sales will originate with the prospect calling your office for information. When the phone is picked up, your receptionist will be responsible for whatever first impression is made upon the prospect.  Many times, the receptionist will be the only person in your company to speak with the prospect when he first calls will detail how lead calls should be handled.  Training your receptionist is, therefore, critical to relaying the proper image to each proper image to each prospect.

On the phone, the prospect forms an impression about your company based on the person with whom he speaks. Once the prospect arrives at your headquarters for a face-to-face meeting, however, a number of factors will influence his opinion about your organization.

One of the most important factors to consider is the general appearance of your headquarters facility. Quite simply, it is important that your office environment help to sell the franchise concept. While this seems logical, you would be surprised at the number of franchisors who underestimate the role of their headquarters in the sales process.

Creating and maintaining an adequate office environment need not be expensive.  In many cases, changes may only involve a fresh coat of paint, the placement of pictures and marketing materials, and some imagination.

If you intend to take prospects on a tour of prototype units, you want them to see an operation that they would be proud to emulate. If a prospect sees your prototype units as dirty, unorganized, or poorly managed, he will have little faith in your ability to provide ongoing support for this franchised unit.

One of the most effective ways of creating a favorable image is to ensure that prospects are always treated with the utmost courtesy and respect. In order to accomplish this task, you must convey to each employee within your organization that they form a vital part of the sales process.

When prospects are visiting and touring your facilities, employees should be aware of their presence, and should be encouraged to do what they can to make the prospect feel welcome. During the visit, the prospect should perceive that your organization is genuinely interested in his opinions, interests, and capabilities.