An Email a Day

It’s been a daunting task for Franchisors to continuously build their database of applicants and inquiries. Sure social media like Facebook and business applications are continuously on the top of the list but they’re still the top time wasters in most organizations and probably in yours too especially with the absence of a SEO manager and hiring one will also cost your organization a lot!

So which tool is still the best for your organization? Strategically, it’s still your EMAIL!

Here are the top 5 reasons why franchise acquisition is the tool to expand your business


1. Email

Basically, a mail is very personal and not social! You need to penetrate, attract attention and capture your reader even for a few minutes and the best way to do this is to come into their spectrum or just call it personal space. While you are in their personal zone, this is the best time to deliver, to sell!


2. Marketing Tool

If you are still in the brick and mortar marketing campaign you’ve only made the Flinstones proud! The email gives you a FREE access to your friends, relatives and trusted counterparts and that makes it personal and professional & what we would like to achieve!


3. Collaboration
Ever wonder how investors think? Sometimes, they COLLABORATE and raise funds for that best deal your company can give for a multiple franchise system! Once you have given and followed up on your emails to interested applicants then this is the time when you can also have their partners subscribe to your franchise system and that makes a single account, if you get lucky; to be a multi-account franchise!


4. Convenience

Is it presence or visibility? Which would you choose? Someone smart said, “I may not always be visible but I am always present!” Convenience is the name of the game and that is equal to your presence to your applicant’s day to day activities whether that’s personal or business in its sense.


5. Speed

Who’s finishing first? The snail or the turtle? Well, in a corporate rat race and in this industry where new concepts props up every single quarter you need to make a puncture, an impression the first time and make that really fast!