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Excellent printing franchise offering a variety of products, low investment, nationwide.


Graphics Bay Print shop

2 type of printing franchises: bigtime for big tarps and a small time version for t-shirts etc., take a closer look, a business ideal for the 2010 election year! Franchising nationwide.



Aicon is comprised of experienced engineers and technicians, advanced technological equipments, a heavy investment in the R&D sector, expert and skilful sales、marketing and logistics teams. Aicon is committed to offering premium quality products, a tailor-made service at a competitive price and a secure and trustworthy delivery timescale to all its clients.



The Paintline name has been serving in half a decade and known to be one of the best in the best in Mindanao thru its good standing, quality assurance and better service among others. Our clients chooses us in a smarter way of having a full service expert, practically hassle free, finding solutions on every projects, has a cabinet of resources and guaranteed working. Today we open our door to increase our quality standards in considering the potential growth of the company where we constantly striving for successful outcomes in all areas of our business.


Premium Graphics Asia Inc.

Large printing, posters, tarpaulins.Franchising nationwide


Star Laser

Extreme successful unique B2B ink refill services,franchising it nationwide


Transfer It!

T-Shirt printing through heat-transfer technology of thousands of variety prints. Franchising nationwide


Work Area

Offers premium T-shirt printing, LCD/DLP Projector Rentals, Instant Bundle Printing, Desktop Publishing, Private Mailbox Rentals, Photocopying, Printing, Video Editing, Bindery, Indoor and Outdoor Signs, Streamer/Tarpaulin Printing, Computer maintenance and repair, Motion Graphics services and Website Development.