Laundry World

Laundry world envisions to be the top laundry service provider with the biggest chain nationwide. Its mission is to provide total customers’ satisfaction through high quality laundry and efficient delivery of services. The company also provides training’s and seminars for its staffs periodically on the latest laundry technology to assure the achievement of their vision.


Nothing But Laundry

Excellent laundry business which offers 2 kind of operations: smaller unit for community and bigger plant operation for commercial clients



Spin-Off DIY Express Wash Laundry Hub is a do-it-yourself laundry shop that helps you “Save Time and Money” in 1.5 hours.


Suds Laundry & Dry Clean

Highly successful innovative service and operation system franchising nationwide.


Tiny Bubbles Self-Service Laundry Shop

Tiny Bubbles Self-Service Laundry Shop offers a money and time saver, as well as highly hygienic operation. Tiny Bubbles Self-Service Laundry Shop includes free soap, fold and pack (fully-assisted) for their customers and guarantees no-mixing with other customers’ laundries.