Angelus Mixed Rice

Provide customer’s satisfaction by serving hot, fresh and delicious meals and a friendly service at a very affordable price.

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Boy Prito

High quality cooked meals sold very affordable from carts, franchising nationwide.


Bubble Wraps

A fresh idea that offers a different kind of mix between savoury and dessert. it is made with high quality ingredients yet affordable.

Franchise now!



Okonomiyaki balls made 100% of vegetables with outlets in Davao, franchising in the South of Mindanao.


Eh Di Balls!

Unique and different Foodcart offering takoyaki and other balls….
Franchising in Luzon.


El Bonito's

Pizza cart franchise available in Metro Manila. Good quality pizza at affordable price. Good for school and food courts.


Emerald Durian

From Davao to the rest of the Country,baked items made with durian. available as Area Franchise with commissary bakeshop and cart franchisein those territories where area franchise is available and throughout the Davao provinces).

fk house

FK House of Cashews

FK House of Cashews advocates healthy living by offering delicacies and all-time Pinoy favorites cooked with fresh and organic ingredients and using the healthiest titanium stainless steel cookware.

Frenchy Churros

Frenchy Chorrus the newest craze dessert in town…a love at first bite!

friespamore logo text


Friespamore is a locally owned fast food outlet that will be positioned as an international franchise through our creative approach to the company’s image and detail presentation.


Gloria Empanada Espesyal

Variations of Empanadas on carts. Affordable for customers, affordable for franchisees. Franchising throughout Luzon.


Gyros Corner

Porsce and Isabelle Gyros Corner is the only way to acess Greek Food which assuring to fulfill everyone’s starvation

habibi shawarma logo

Habibi Shawarma

Bacolod’s Popular SHAWARMA FRANCHISE you’ll love to have!


Happy Cup

Happiness in a Cup!


House of Frappe

House of Frappe is a conceptualized business that will captivate every customer to try their own original mix of frappe. The house of Frappe emphasizes the variety of frappe beverages that may promote the happiness and satisfaction of the customers.

Jolliant Food Cart

The cart version of Jolliant! Simple carts but excellent food and affordable for clients and franchisees! Franchising in Greater Metro Manila area.

kuya ferdz

Kuya Ferdz Crispy Sisig

The affordable and reputable Sisig food cart is now open for franchising.



Your Authentic Korean Street Food

missy bonbon logo

Missy Bon Bon

Missy Bon Bon Bread Shop opened its first kiosk in Cagayan de Oro City in December 2009, launching its first line of breads and gelatos. Soon after in April 2010, Missy Bon Bon opened its flagship store in the city. Missy Bon Bon is a hip, cozy, and relaxed world-class bread shop serving healthy, natural and freshly-made bread onsite with unique fusion interpretations of local bread products, gourmet comfort food, and custom gelato mixes.

Mr Softy Ice Cream Logo

Mr. Softy

The pioneer and leading soft served ice cream company established in year 2000.


Potato Madness

Franchising nationwide, carts selling variety of potato items.

Teppanyaki King

Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese Cuisine that uses an Iron Griddle to cook food.


Excellent shakes and juices. In business for 10 years with more than 70 carts nationwide.



The leading food Corn kiosk business in the Philippines is now open for franchising

Yasai Chikara Takoyaki

Originating from Davao. Offering takoyaki balls, japanese vegetable balls.


Shawarma House

Affordable, rich in protein and addictive! Shawarma house-home of Philippines favorite snack

Shake Fries Logo

Shake Fries

Sells spiced-up French fries, which have become one of the most popular snacks of FIlipinos.