Personal Care Franchises are growing by leaps and bounds, with the attraction of expanded services offered by Spas, Salons and other care facilities. Today I am introducing to you some Opportunities, which are available for Franchising and are doing very well in their respective fields.

A Filipino invention helps you out when you have molds or other skin growth which you want to get rid off. RCC Amazing Touch is just doing that. Removing even from delicate body parts unwanted growth simply with a cream from the lowly cashew nuts, which becomes now the highly regarded super cream to a great skin. RCC Amazing Touch is franchising their centers, of which they have already more than ten in Manila, Pampanga and Cebu and are open for Franchising worldwide even.

For the super vain, and their number is growing, Skin Trends is offering the beautification of any ones skin to new a new level and this service is franchised as well by the loving owner, Dra. Joy Mongcal. And good skin makes good profit therefore a wise decision to invest your money into their Franchise.

New salons opened and mushroom as well, which is good news for the consumer, since quality of hair and body salons in improving and pricing is becoming affordable and salons today offer a good ambiance at the same time. Just look at the ambiance of hair and spa salons such as Fresh Salon, Focus Salon in Luzon and Dettie Panis in Tacloban.  All of them offer neat outlets, clean environment, good service at reasonable price and also for their Franchisees a medium to make good money. Nail Salon are another new biz line in the past years and we developed Tips N’ Toes, Get Polished, Nail-A-holic, Nail treats, Nail.Glow, Wonder Nails and The Nail Lab into Franchise Systems.

Special to endorse are the unique looking outlets of O’HAIR SALON, a Hairsalon chain which offers rebonding and other hair services at very affordable prices at a very unique atmosphere. Outlets are open in Cebu City, Minglanilla, Lapu Lapu City, Talisay, Mandaue, Lipa City and Surigao City. For details look The sister Company of O’Hair Salon is in the business of excellent Nail and Skin services and goes by the name MYFACE N MYNAILS. Outlets are open in Cebu City, Mandaue, Lapu Lapu City, Minglanilla. Gain advice on site selection, design, operation, capitalization and marketing
A good Franchisor provides instruction and support on all aspects of running a business in its industry.